Genuine HP 135W COMPAQ Elite 8300 8200 8000 7900 7800 DC Power Supply

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Genuine HP 135W COMPAQ Elite 8300 8200 8000 7900 7800 DC Power Supply

Compatible Models:

8200 Elite Ultra-Slim 612750-001 648964-001 A2W55UT#ABA

E8400 E7500 USDT Ultra Slim 19.5V 6.9A 19.5VDC 6.9 Amps

647982-001 DC7800 DC7900 DC 7800 DC 7900 USDT UltraSlim Desktop

COMPAQ DC8000 DC8100 DC 8000 DC 8100 Ultra-Slim PC  

COMPAQ DC8200 DC8300 DC 8200 DC 8300 Ultra-Slim PC

Compaq 8300 Elite USDT PC Ultra-Slim Desktop B9C46AW#ABA 8300EeU QW659AV

592491-001 PA-1311 Compaq 8000 Elite Ultra-slim PC SH369UP#ABA SH369UP  

Elite 8300 8200 8000 G1 Ultra-slim USDT PC

PA-1131-06HI Elite 7900 7800 NX NC NW Series Desktop

NC4400 NC6300 NC6120 NC6110 NC6400 Business Notebook

NX6115 NX6125 NX6320 NX7400 NX8420 NX9420 Business Notebook  

NW8440 Tablet PC TC4400 Business Notebook

nc2400 nx6330 nx7300 nx7400 nx9420

Compaq 6050b 6710b 6710s 8710w 8710p

Compaq 6515b 6715b 6910p 8510p 8510w  

Compaq nx6130 nc6320 nc8430 nw8440

Compaq nw9440 nx6110 nx6115 nx6120

Compaq nx6310 nx6315 nx6320 nx6325

Compaq nx7300 nx8410 nx8420 tc4400 Series

Compaq dc7900 Ultra-slim Desktop KP722AV FS489AW#ABA KR671UT#ABA

Pavilion dv4 dv5 dv6 dv7 dv7t

dv7-6184ca dv7-6185us dv7-6187cl dv7-6188ca

dv7-6190ef dv7-6190sf dv7-6195us dv7-6197ca

dv7t-6000 CTO dv7t dv7t-1000 dv7t-1200 CTO

dv7t-2000 dv7-6199us dv7t-5000 CTO dv7t-6100 CTO  

Pavilion TPC-LA59 TPC-DA59 TPCLA59 TPCDA59

Pavilion TPC-P015-US TPCP015-US TPCP015US

TouchSmart 1030 1040 1047 1050 1052 1100T

TouchSmart 1120 1130 1135 1140 1151 1200T

TouchSmart 1205 1205T 1215 1220 1240 1300

TouchSmart 1305T 1350 1352 1367 1000T 600-1010 Desktop

TouchSmart 310-1020 310-1033 310-1037 600-1000 Desktop

TouchSmart 310-1155f 310-1155y 600-1300 600-1305t 600-1315xt Desktop PC

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