NEW 108W PSU for HP 5188-2755 5188-7521 5188-7602 DPS-108DB Slimline

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NEW 108W PSU for HP 5188-2755 5188-7521 5188-7602 DPS-108DB Slimline

Product Description

  • This power supply is compatible with Intel P4 775 socket CPU motherboard and featuring
  • protection circuits against in-rush current and over-current modular.


    • 80mm Fan - Thermostatically controlled fans for low acoustic noise,
    • Short Circuit Protection, In-Rush Current Protection, Thermal Overload Cutoff Protection, Over-Temperature, Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Under Voltage,
    • 20/24 Pin Motherboard Connector and 1 SATA Connector.

    Specification Table
    Part / Feature Specification / Support
    Part number
    • 5188-2755
  • Delta Electronics, Inc
  • Model Number
  • DPS-108DB-1A
  • AC Input
    • 100-127v ~ , 50/60Hz 3.0A
    • 200-240V ~, 50-60 Hz 2.0A
    DC Output
    • +12V-/6A -12V-/0.1A
    • +5V-/12A +5VSB-/1.5A +3.3V-/7.0 A
    Max Power
    • 108W
    • 1 x 24-Pin ATX Main Power Cable
    • 1 x FDD Power Cable
    • 1 x SATA Power Cable
    • Brand New OEM Package
    • HP Media Vault MV2010 300GB network drive (EMEA)
    • HP Media Vault MV2020 500GB network drive (EMEA)
    • HP Pavilion s7XXX Series Slimline home PC

    Part number 5188-2755 is used in the product models listed below.

    HP Pavilion s7210n Slimline home PC EG198AA,  EG198AAR
    HP Pavilion s7220n Slimline home PC EG199AA,  EG199AAR
    HP Pavilion s7310n Slimline home PC EN996AA,  EN996AAR
    HP Pavilion s7320n Slimline home PC EP140AA,  EP140AAR
    HP Pavilion s7410n Slimline home PC ER189AA,  ER189AAR
    HP Pavilion s7420n Slimline home PC ER190AA,  ER190AAR
    HP Pavilion s7421c Slimline home PC ER191AA,  ER191AAR
    HP Pavilion s7400n Slimline home PC ES086AA,  ES086AAR
    HP Pavilion s7415c Slimline home PC EW209AA,  EW209AAR
    HP Pavilion s7500n Slimline home PC EX254AA
    HP Pavilion s7510n Slimline home PC EX255AA,  EX255AAR
    HP Pavilion s7515x Slimline home PC EX257AA
    HP Pavilion s7520n Slimline home PC EX259AA,  EX259AAR
    HP Pavilion s7527c Slimline home PC EX260AA
    HP Pavilion s7530n Slimline home PC EX262AA,  EX262AAR
    HP Pavilion s7500y Slimline home PC EX371AV
    HP Pavilion s7540a Slimline home PC (AP) EX542AA,  EX542AAR
    HP Pavilion s7500e Slimline home PC EY830AV
    HP Pavilion s7520kr Slimline home PC (AP) EY949AA
    HP Pavilion s7517c Slimline home PC EZ049AA,  EZ049AAR
    HP Pavilion s7600y Slimline CTO home PC RB050AV
    HP Pavilion s7520la Slimline home PC (LA) RB092AA,  RB092AAR
    HP Pavilion s7600e Slimline CTO home PC RC494AV
    HP Pavilion s7521k Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific) RC544AA
    HP Pavilion s7545a Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific) RC621AA
    HP Pavilion s7600n Slimline home PC RC671AA,  RC671AAR
    HP Pavilion s7605n Slimline home PC RC672AA,  RC672AAR
    HP Pavilion s7617c Slimline home PC RC673AA,  RC673AAR
    HP Pavilion s7620n Slimline home PC RC675AA,  RC675AAR
    HP Pavilion s7627c Slimline home PC RC677AA,  RC677AAR
    HP Pavilion s7612n Slimline home PC RC681AA,  RC681AAR
    HP Pavilion s7550d Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific) RE496AA
    HP Pavilion s7620la Slimline home PC (LA) RF180AA
    HP Pavilion s7610pt Slimline home PC (EMEA) RF287AA,  RF287AAR
    HP Pavilion s7610es Slimline home PC (EMEA) RF289AA,  RF289AAR
    HP Pavilion s7620es Slimline home PC (Asia Pacifi) RF290AA,  RF290AAR
    HP Pavilion s7610FR Slimline home PC (EMEA) RF758AA,  RF758AAR
    HP Pavilion s7630nl Slimline home PC (EMEA) RF777AA,  RF777AAR
    HP Pavilion s7610uk Slimline home PC (EMEA) RF778AA,  RF778AAR
    HP Pavilion s7620uk Slimline home PC (EMEA) RF779AA,  RF779AAR
    HP Pavilion s7610it Slimline home PC (EMEA) RF791AA,  RF791AAR
    HP Pavilion s7525a Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific) RF819AA
    HP Pavilion s7647de Slimline home PC (EMEA) RH958AA,  RH958AAR
    HP Pavilion s7640la Slimline home PC (EMEA) RJ084AA,  RJ084AAR
    HP Pavilion s7635fr Slimline home PC (EMEA) RJ739AA,  RJ739AAR
    HP Pavilion s7613w Slimline home PC RJ790AA,  RJ790AAR
    HP Pavilion s7603w Slimline home PC RJ791AA
    HP Pavilion s7531kr Slimline home PC (AP) RK524AA
    HP Pavilion s7700n Slimline home PC RK576AA,  RK576AAR
    HP Pavilion s7727c Slimline home PC RN655AA,  RN655AAR
    HP Pavilion s7700y (CTO) Slimline home PC RP831AV
    HP Pavilion s7700e (CTO) Slimline home PC RP832AV
    HP Media Vault MV2010 300GB network drive (EMEA) RQ397AA,  RQ397AAR
    HP Media Vault MV2020 500GB network drive (EMEA) RQ398AA,  RQ398AAR
    HP Pavilion s7740LA Slimline home PC RQ424AA
    HP Pavilion s7720LA Slimline home PC RQ426AA,  RQ426AAR
    HP Pavilion s7541kr Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific RR555AA
    HP Pavilion s7712n Slimline home PC RT636AA,  RT636AAR
    HP Pavilion s7713w Slimline home PC RT693AA,  RT693AAR

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