⭐ Panasonic AG-7350 VHS/S-VHS Video Cassette Recorder Player Hi-Fi Audio Medical

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Unit comes from working environment. Tested - Feeds the vhs cassette, plays, rewinds and stops/eject. No further testing done.

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Panasonic AG-7350 VHS/S-VHS Video Cassette Recorder Player Hi-Fi Audio Medical Grade

Description: This is YOUR chance to own a piece of working Professional Equipment. This Video Recorder was pulled from a working environment and was tested on basic functions. It takes the VHS Tape, Reads, Plays, Rewind and Stop/Eject with no Problem. No further advanced testing was done. Bonus, you get a Peter Pan original VHS tape!

The AG-7350 is an S-VHS player/recorder designed for a wide range of applications. A number of professional features offer an outstanding picture quality. The S-VHS format is based on the popular home VHS format. VHS combines the "Y" (Luminance) and "C" (Chrominance) portions of the video signal to create a composite video signal; creating chroma edge noise and loss of quality in subsequent copies. S-VHS separates the color (Luminance) portions of the video signal from the Chrominance. This Y/C separation creates better edge definition with no color bleed and greater reproduction quality. S-VHS nearly doubles the resolution of VHS with 420 lines. 

Panasonic AG7350 (AG-7350) medical grade Video Cassette Recorder used for X-ray modality Shimadzu UD150B. The Panasonic AG-7350 is designed to meet for high quality video and audio recording/playback in the field of medicine. The Panasonic AG-7350 is a S-VHS Hi-Fi Video Cassette Recorder. The Panasonic AG-7350 features also include remote control capability - 34-pin parallel or optional RS-232C serial, optional time code recording/playback capability on audio CH 2 with optional RS-232C serial interface board, S-VHS and 58-micron wide laminated amorphous video heads, Chroma Aperture Correction (CAC) and an advanced comb filter for fast, precise searching. 

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