TC Helicon VoiceLive Vocal Floor Processor POP Version

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Display Unit. Comes with Original Box, Manuals and Power Cord.

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TC Helicon VoiceLive Vocal Floor Processor POP Version 

Description: Display Unit from showroom. Comes with Original Box, Manuals and Power Cord. 


Vocal perfection at your feet.

The TC Helicon VoiceLive Vocal Floor Processor puts all the vocal tools you love and use in one dedicated box engineered for live music performance. Powerful EQ, compression, and delay are combined with rich reverb, harmony, correction, and doubling algorithms from TC-Helicon.

4 unique harmony logic algorithms can add harmonies generated from your lead voice or can be used by a backup singer to create a multivoice back-up ensemble. Each of the 4 harmony voice parts use the Hybrid Shifting algorithm. This superior pitch-shifting algorithm is combined with a voice-trained pitch-detection algorithm and human-modeled naturalization parameters to create natural-sounding harmonies.

The automatic pitch correction is the most transparent available. With factory and custom scales the Correct block can fix intonation problems in any musical style. Amount, Attack and a 200-cent window control make natural pitch correction easy to achieve.

The VoiceLive contains the VOSTM Limiter--an optical limiter optimized for voice. Its analog architecture ensures you'll never distort the mic input and maintain premium sound quality.

8 footswitches and 4 control modes make VoiceLive easy to use in your performance. A user footswitch is assignable to TAP Tempo (for delay), Harmony Hold, and other useful parameters. You can also use an expression pedal to sweep through assignable modifiers.

The bottom plate is constructed using a powder-coated steel-plate with anti-skid rubber matting. Controls are recessed and reinforced by double aluminum construction.

  • Studio-quality mic preamp (Burr Brown INA163 based) with 48V phantom power
  • VOSTM Limiter
  • Vocal processing technology based on VoiceWorks
  • 24-bit harmony processing
  • HybridShift harmony generation
  • Harmony features: FlexTime, Human-Modeled Vibrato, Inflection, Pitch randomization, Portamento, and gender
  • 4 harmony control modes
  • MIDI control
  • Selectable Equal-tempered and Just tuning for harmonies
  • HarmonyHold
  • Automatic pitch correction
  • Lead voice doubling
  • TC Electronic 3-band EQ, low cut, and compressor/gate
  • TC Electronic reverb and tap-tempo delay
  • 8 footswitches
  • 5 edit knobs
  • Expression pedal input
  • MIC pass thru
  • AUX input to reverb/delay
  • S/PDIF digital I/O

The best of both worlds: live performance with studio punch. Use all the great tools you use in the studio to get the best out of your live vocal performance. Order now.

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